Unsecured Rates

Call us for our unsecured signature loan rates which range from as low as 7.95% to 18%. 

Share or Certificate Secured Loans

Share Secured: Call for current rate

Certificate of Deposit Secured:  Call for current rate. 

Collateral Loans

We offer rates as low as 2.5% on collateral loans!  Terms up to 84 months.  Find your best deal on an auto, boat, RV, motorcycle, etc.  and contact one of our loan officers for current rate.  (Rates and term based on current credit score, age of collateral and value of collateral.)

Visa Credit Cards

Never worry about inflated interest rates on your credit card again!

14.9% APR No Annual Fee

*Note:  Our credit card rates stay the same regardless of your payment history or credit score.  You never have to worry about the rates skyrocketing just because you were a day or two late.  (Lates fees do apply.  See Fee Schedule.)

 *APR = Annual Percentage Rate